Daily Edition Subscription:

Plane Fax advertising operates on very simple yet effective marketing solutions. The main staple of of Plane Fax is a daily “newsletter” formatted edition which goes out via email and/or fax to approximately 3,000 dealers and brokers in the aviation industry. This daily edition features 15 advertising categories that encompass almost every imaginable type of aircraft and aircraft related service.

$19.95/month with 2 free lines of advertising (a $40 value free!)

Line Ads:

$20 Per Line Per Day
15 Line Packages for $225

Click Here to Place A Line Ad

$149 for the initial design and send

Packages of FlyBy/Broadcasts
5 for $625 ($125 each)
10 for $1000 ($100 each)
Can be used for the same ad or different ads and will remain on account until used. There is no expiration date.

Ready-for-print Spec Sheet: We design it, you print it! Send it to your local print shop to make promotional flyers and brochures,
incorporate it into your website, and present it to your clients. This spec sheet is yours to use as you please!
$100 (allow 24 hours for design)

Full Service: We do it all! Custom spec sheet design, printing, and shipping to your doorstep. No hassles for you, just relax and let Plane Fax market your Inventory!
Cost: Varies by order

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